( nula ) new filecast: 56914 variations. mp3, 8 minutes.

56914 variations

A sodden crow audibly slapped its wings together as it struggled for advantage over gravity, weighed down as it was by rain-soaked feathers. Its plight inspired my sympathy, and I felt relief when it gained perch high up on a rain gutter.


56912 bird calls

The trams at Karlovo náměstí resound differently from those at Alexanderplatz; they are perhaps a bit sadder, more moaning than singing. Once I heard the cries of a wounded dog in the song of those rails. …


56911 play of light

In this filecast, I apply the technical concepts of stereograpy to a selection of found monoptical motion picture fragments, and construct a semi-imaginary space from them, partly reconstituting the actual space in which they were recorded. …



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