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57167 roof of the world

It is late May. The sun is warm, but the air is cool. We are surrounded by snowy peaks as we come to a wayside stop on the Georgian Military Road at the high point of Jvari Pass. Next to the graves of the German prisoners of war who built this road, trailer trucks rumble by as a flock of crows passes overhead, on their way to who knows where.


57156 paternoster

Occasionally, I see a person or two standing, waiting. The alternating bright and dark, an ebb and flow of light, a lugubrious pulsation, makes a mechanized mockery of sunrise and sunset from these quick false days and nights. …


57137 bells of sapânţa

It is obvious to the workmen of the Cimitirul Vesel, the “merry cemetery” in Sapânţa, Romania, that I am curous about the bells. I approach them, study them, tap them gently with a knuckle to guess how they might sound. Suddenly, one of the men puts down his shovel, strides over and begins to ring the bells with full abandon.


57130 city of lions

The jaunty blast of the amplified polka rolls off the old Renaissance town square, and townspeople spin like coupled tops to these words, „Let the others go whitherever they want, to Vienna, to Paris or London. But for my part, I will not depart from Lwów. … Tylko we Lwowie!“



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