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56953 excursus

Our tireless habit of trawling like magpies leaves us a trove of disconnected fragments of unclear usefulness. Combined with the feverish symptoms of our imagination’s labors, they elicit continents of bleak emptiness, dark harbors, burst tensions, moments of quiet violence, and even love. We find solace in these digressions.


56946 islands

The city of Wrocław, formerly Breslau, lies on both sides of the river Odra, and spans some eleven islands. After the war, its populace was driven out and replaced, the newcomers also having been forced from their previous abodes. This has left this richly layered city fragmented, but not broken.


56939 father of apples

With the sound of trickling water all around and the late summer wind in the trees, many parts of Almaty enjoy an almost pastoral ambience, surprising for a rectilinear city of a million and a half people. …



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