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56975 fragments of a journey

At each grade level crossing, we pass a semaphore, our motion smearing the sounds of the dinging bells, like a foley cue from an old spy film. It begins high on the musical scale and then smoothly sweeps downward, simultaneously rising and falling in loudness, a small seance to summon the spirit of Christian Doppler …


56968 a warning

“The conviction of its substantial, tangible reality is now so overwhelming that later, when I wake up, I have the impression that I have just left a state of true perception, and everything I see after opening my eyes seems hazy and unreal.”


56953 excursus

Our tireless habit of trawling like magpies leaves us a trove of disconnected fragments of unclear usefulness. Combined with the feverish symptoms of our imagination’s labors, they elicit continents of bleak emptiness, dark harbors, burst tensions, moments of quiet violence, and even love. We find solace in these digressions.



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