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57900 moving, still.

Darkness moves in alternation with light, dawn shares the day with dusk.
Each of the thirty-some works in these combined playlists is a twilight,
neither one thing nor another, neither here nor there, always in the
process of arriving and yet never managing to get there. …


57837 qobustan

In the land around Baku, truck tires tear out ruts that pool
spontaneously with natural bitumen seeping up from below. Mysterious
gasses burble up through mounds of gray mud, and the placid surfaces of
dead ponds are disturbed by a constant effervescence. And strewn over
the land, a swarm of oil derricks, arrayed like gigantic mosquitoes, are
sucking the black blood of the earth.


57826 notes from yunnan

My journey to the Yunnan province of China resulted, not only in the
collection of photographs comprising the previous filecast, but also the
following selected recordings which I collected at various spots along
the road, together with brief text descriptions.


57800 tea and horses

I recently traveled in the Yunnan region of China, a culturally rich
region which abuts Myanmar and Tibet, and is the site of the historic
Tea Horse Road. (I hope these images as they stand — an arbitrary
number of inscrutable impressions — serve as a key to my as yet
undigested experiences there.)


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