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58108 new year bird

The call of an unfamiliar bird captures my attention, and forms the
heart of this recording, cutting through the sounds of New Year’s
activities in a temple in Shaxi. People chat, prepare food, move tables,
while street sounds seep in from just beyond the gate. Eventually,
someone begins to mimic the birdcalls, trying to coax more of them.


58101 end of ramadan

I sit outside the Ottoman-style Xhamia Mbret mosque in Berat, Albania,
in the shade of its portico, in the middle of a sunny little park next
to a busy road. As part of the solemnities marking the end of the feast
of Ramadan, a reading of all the ayat (verses) of the Qur’an takes


58090 mahjong

We rent bicycles and take the main road leading north to the town of
Baisha, where we find some people in a storefront playing mahjong. As
each player smacks a tile down to emphasize the boldness of the move,
others sit around, gossiping and commenting on the game. At intervals,
the tiles are shuffled by all hands in a rustle of soft clacking


58080 cable car

Two years on, and I once again visit the Georgian mining town of
Chiatura, this time to capture a recording of a ride in one of the
archaic, but still very functional cable cars, which comprise the mass
transit system of a town whose inhabitants must daily negotiate the
various altitudes of their urban space.


58066 penumbra

This is a portfolio of photographs that I have made over the last few
years during journeys through Central and Eastern Europe and the
Caucasus. They are assembled here to accompany, by analogy, allegory or
suggestive equivalence, the previous audio filecast east by rail.


58060 east by rail ~

I stop for the night in a shabby hotel overlooking some train tracks,
near the end of my journey east. Floating in through the open window,
along with a night air still clinging to the smell of rain, are the
sounds of the trains, coming and going, a song of rolling metal and
churning gasses. The platform announcements call out, metallic and
chiming from the mouth of the speakerhorn, their precise meaning drowned
in swells of reverberation, which gather strength as they propagate
outward. They seem to say, “Your journey is not over, not yet.”
east by rail 25 minutes bells, the silence 6 minutes dead of night 21
minutes Hear east by rail on Bandcamp.


58033 blood of a poet

Stalks of barley and black wheat / nod ominously. I race towards them. /
The poet’s pen no longer sings / though it used to be his nightingale.
From „Desk: My Parnassus“ by Paolo Iashvili, 1932. Translated from
the Georgian by Rebecca Gould.


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