( nula ) new filecast: 57001 ghost fiddler. rtf, 800 words.

57001 ghost fiddler

The supple hands of the ghost fiddler fluttered like little hummingbirds over the glasses’ halos, seeking the sweet essence of the music, and the fairie-like ring of it was a sheer delight. The tourists were recording the performance on mobile phones, paying homage to the performer by tossing coins into a pot laid before him. …


56999 under the ice

Come winter and the winds rise, air grows bitter, water stiffens, the supple creaks, footfalls, once sure, become tentative; the sun loses its hold as the brittle days shrink and the cold night draws ever nearer, as if threatening to last forever.


56968 a warning

“The conviction of its substantial, tangible reality is now so overwhelming that later, when I wake up, I have the impression that I have just left a state of true perception, and everything I see after opening my eyes seems hazy and unreal.”



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