blog, rebooted

Some of you may recall that in my inaugural post for this blog, I made reference to a free blogging service that served as the technical underpinnings for these posts. That service was basically fine for the time being, but it is now time to move on to something more of my own making, and (not to mention) harbored in my own port-of-call, the servers at, ably skippered by sysadmin Steev Hise. So, change your bookmarks to keep up with the project. There is also a new RSS feed, too.

With that explanation being the entire pretext for this post, I am left with not much else to say, other than, with your kind permission, the making of a few idle observations.

A goal at the start of the Nula filecast project was to allow people to comment on the filecasts, as well as make observations of a more general nature. But implementing just the core features of the site was enough of a challenge for me (writing all the code as I did from scratch) that I could not manage it. So, enter and its slick method of accepting email messages and turning them into blog posts; and as a free service, to boot. I eagerly jumped on board, and from that point became a blogger, posting each filecast (with comments open), as well as supplemental information.

The move to was expedient, but it left the filecasts that had already been released adrift, with no public commenting system connected to them. I have finally addressed that by retrofitting the earlier filecasts into this blog as independent posts in their own right. Feel free to proceed to use commenting as you wish, for releases both old and new.

Note, however, that comments are moderated, which means that there is a delay between your submitting a comment and its appearing on the site. This measure is taken only as a means of thwarting comment spam, not to select or censor in any way your interaction with Nula. As always, if you don’t want to leave a comment but still want to get in touch, I remain available at

This site’s current backend is served up by the open-source content management system Drupal using a custom Nula theme made by me. Like life, Drupal is hard, but it can be good. It has taken me about 18 months of struggling with Drupal in my day job to feel comfortable enough to put it to work for my own projects. That said, open source ftw!, and all that. Let’s get on with the blog.