The vanished, the useless, the absolute, and glitch
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Vanished Civilizations III: Trebizond. Trebizond reached its cultural and political peak in the twelfth century, when it was an important breakaway state from the Byzantine empire and one of the principle termini of the Silk Road …, but its historical roots are ancient.

“Useless” Australia. In The Songlines, travel writer Bruce Chatwin tackles the Australian Aborigines’ poetic relation to their land. The titular 'songlines' are an age-old Aboriginal oral tradition that conveys tribal lore on human origins, local history and Australian geography. These ancestral songs are so indispensible that tribesmen outside the area they sing about literally may be lost for words, unable to describe local flora and fauna, and consequently unable to survive off them.

Werner Herzog: On the Absolute, the Sublime, and Ecstatic Truth. In my film Fitzcarraldo, there is an exchange that raises [the] question [of the importance of reality]. Setting off into the unknown with his ship, Fitzcarraldo stops over at one of the last outposts of civilization, a missionary station: Fitzcarraldo: And what do the older Indians say? Missionary: We simply cannot cure them of their idea that ordinary life is only an illusion, behind which lies the reality of dreams.

AviGlitch. A Ruby library to destroy your AVI files. Altho I haven’t tested it, if it works, I am very likely to use this command-line tool in making some future video filecast. If you happen to give it a try, I’d be happy to hear of your results in the comments.