Ancient cave art and Santiago de Baku
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America’s Ancient Cave Art. The eye lets go of the desire for meaning; the pictures emerge. Simek was showing me Mallery’s pages by way of saying, It’s dangerous to read something when you can’t really read it. And we can’t. Try to see it. That’s hard enough.

Santiago de Baku. And also native faces: Giuli Chokhonelidze (1928-2008), National Artist of Georgia, known to our audience from such Azerbaijani Soviet movies as Morning (1960), *Our Street *(1961) and A Very Boring Story (1988), plays a part of the leader of workers, …

I don’t know about you, but I’d be very interested in seeing any film with a title like “A Very Boring Story”. The remainder of the article is a moving and detailed account of the heady atmosphere in revolutionary Baku of 1989 in the months before, and including, the Soviet crackdown of 1990.