Artavazd Pelechian: from Начало to Конец, and Beyond

My latest post for the blog „Poemas del Río Wang“ is a quick overview of the filmography of the Armenian film artist Artavazd Pelechian. I examine his theory of „distance montage“ and provide youtube links to all of his major films.

Pelechian, speaking about his film Наш Век (Our Century) sums up: “In the totality, in the wholeness of one of my films, there is no montage, no collision, so as a result montage has been destroyed. In Eisenstein every element means something. For me the individual fragments don’t mean anything anymore. Only the whole film has the meaning.”

Кино дистанционного монтажа способно и раскрывать любые формы движения: от низших и элементарных, до высших и сложнейших. Оно способно говорить одновременно языком искусства, философии и науки.