Florian Cramer Introduces Rotterdam Screening

„55515 locomotive“ from the cycle „55505 pareidolia“

Sub Urban Video Rotterdam announces: „Pareidolia is a cycle of experimental films and sounds in three parts, from the filecast project ( ) by multimedia artist Lloyd Dunn (US/CZ). Dunn has been working in machine-based media since the 1980s. He studied multimedia and electronic music. In 1987 he cofounded the Tape-beatles, who did some early experiments with sound recording and expanded cinema performances. Where the first part Edge Case exists mainly from hallucinating kaleidoscopic forms and movements in colour, the second part Locomotive is more filmic: many stories could be made up by these images and sounds — derived from black and white narrative films. The sounds from trains, railway stations, and train horns keep speeding up all images into a wild dream in which image and sound merge into an experience of pure energy.“

Monday 11.11.2013 4pm : Talk & Drinks

From Photostatic to filecasts: Lloyd Dunn’s Alternative Publishing: An introduction by Florian Cramer, lector, multimedia artist and friend of Lloyd Dunn. Be welcome for a talk and a drink.