Rotterdam screenings: „56306 impulse“ and „55033 forty“

This third and last part of Pareidolia is like a melancholic poetic essay on the idea of gravity and weightlessness. The beautiful Russian soldiers song ‘Эх Дороги (Ekh, Dorogi)’, a song of a battle-weary soldier on a long march, seems to underline this lightness, but stands at the same time for the heavy and dark life on earth. Lloyd Dunn describes Pareidolia ‘as a puzzle that elicits ideas of moving, changing, becoming, perceiving, and responding, that subjectively touches on cosmological and historical themes along the way.’

Sub-urban Video Lounge

Pareidolia: 55033 Forty. 30.12.2013 - 05.01.2014. Lloyd Dunn : Pareidolia: 55033 Forty. Pareidolia is a cycle of experimental films and sounds in three parts, from the filecast project ( ) by multimedia artist Lloyd Dunn (US/CZ). Dunn has been working in machine-based media since the 1980s.