Open Call: Díra / The Hole

Galerie Díra, or “The Hole” gallery in English, is a site-specific art space devoted entirely to sound works. It is located in the inner courtyard of the Školská 28 Gallery in central Prague.

Díra affords a unique presence to visitors, and is an unusual challenge for curators, in that the entire gallery “space” consists solely of a single 1/8" headphone jack, fixed to a black plate on the exterior wall of Galerie Školská 28. Visitors are asked to bring their own headphones (but during Školská 28 gallery hours, headphones may be borrowed by inquiring within).

Díra faces outward into public space and in this way, exteriorizes (literally) the listening experience, rather than cloistering it in a specialized listening environment. The challenges are therefore noteworthy, given the outdoor ambiences of birds, weather, traffic, passing conversations, all the usual activities that take place within one of Prague’s many semi-public enclosed courtyards.


Díra (in cooperation and consultation with other Školská 28 organizers) is focused on site-specific sound installations, but will also entertain any interesting idea and is open to any genre: field recordings, spoken word, sound art, sound compositions, audible documents; or any combination of these, or genres not mentioned. Here are only 2 of any number of possibilities:

  1. Sound works that intentionally make use of the disconnect between the sound being listened to and the space in which it is heard. Works that use this disconnect to good advantage.

  2. Sound works that add another layer to the somewhat secluded ambience of the Díra courtyard, building on the natural ambiences there instead of replacing them; blending in rather than blotting out.

Main technical considerations: The sound works should be composed in a way that considers they will be heard over stereo (two-channel) headphones. You may submit works of any length. In some cases, a collection of short works might be considered. All sound works are considered, but site-specific works, and works specifically intended for headphone listening are particularly encouraged.

Please express interest at: