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59266 displacement

What world am I on? We have a sun that rises and sets; we have a moon, too. There is an absent glow; something torn down, trampled upon, and then put back up, gashed and sorry-looking. I see a diffracted vision of the present, its tides and indifferent coercions. I feel unreal in this world, as these and other doubts amass and accrue.

mp3, 9 minutes

59251 aruchavank

I have chosen the 7th-century Armenian cathedral of Aruchavank to represent the many churches in Armenia in which I made recordings. An earthquake, centuries ago, has left its sturdy walls standing beneath a gaping oculus where the now-missing tholobate and conical dome should be.

As we enter and look up, we find ourselves as if standing at the bottom of a well, lowly beings, our only consolation to peer upwards into a mysterious blue beyond, a wintry world peopled by a roaring wind and soaring birds.

Part of Central Asia PhoNographic Mornings, in the series „Each Morning of the World“.

mp3, 10 minutes

59240 early spring

The journey to Kakheti of which these images are the subject, took place six years ago, more or less exactly. In reviewing them, I also recall non-visual sensations; the sound of dripping leaves, moist breezes warm and cold, mysteries slowly revealed and again hidden by curtains of fog, the rushing water of gray rivers, the echoing chambers of the ancient sites, and the feeling of springtime returning to the thawing countryside.

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59235 anomaly

A long street stretches out before you, foreshortened and dissolving as it thrusts into the sharp glint of a low sun. A scatter of nervous sparrows explodes as you approach; then a passing car parts the air, leaving its traces in the whispering turbulence. A distant clocktower strikes the quarter-hour. And then — [the page is partly burnt; the rest is lost].

mp3, 14 minutes

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