58160 fall to earth ~

6 tracks, 1 bonus track

The next afternoon, I find myself in the same park. The mist is gone. The snow has melted. In its chill, the still air remembers the mists of the previous day. Crows have settled in the park, they stagger and peck in the field, picking up things with their beaks as if to show them to one another. They sit in the trees watching me. They wait for me to come near. Now and again, one of the shaggy, draped beings hovers in the cold air and drops to ground like a fallen sycamore leaf. Suddenly, all of them fly away, a dark shroud veiling the nacreous sky. They rasp and cough, barking like little dogs.

  1. as if on the wind 6 minutes
  2. vale of dusk 9 minutes
  3. i (don’t) find you 9 minutes
  4. stigmata 7 minutes
  5. fall to earth 7 minutes
  6. embryo 3 minutes

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