58470 a dream of smoke and birds ~

About the Tracks

Contact. Perturbations in a jar, partly filled with water, placed firmly on a contact mike which is in turn placed on a simple wooden chair. The chair stands on an oak floor in an old house where various everyday activities are taking place. The recording is further elaborated through convolutions with bells and singing.

Reverie nº3. Exploration of the patterns created by the overlapping and intersecting figures of a few repeated notes. The patterns are determined by a re-use of a contact mike recording from the previous track, which are used to excite a second signal.
Also available as 58392 reverie nº3.

Ellipsis. This recording consists of a segment of found optical sound “silence”, together with a field recording made at a low level and then amplified and filtered. Divergent elements in these “silences” are repeated in the final section.

Earthquake. This track makes use of a (found) sonification recording of data representing the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake of 2011. It is placed against the backdrop of a near-silent recording of an air handler in a hospital emergency waiting room.

Surface tension. The source material of the previous track is used as a rhythmic element, placed against a backdrop of another near-silence, this one taken from a passage in the film Vargtimmen (Ingmar Bergman, 1968).

Kutaisi. Convolution between a field recording of light early morning rain in an enclosed courtyard and a squeaking machine of some sort, both recorded in Kutaisi (Georgia).

Wind in a jar nº2. A pair of sensitive omnidirectional microphones is suspended in the center of the void in a four-liter glass jar, while outside the wind is blowing. The recording is very slightly manipulated.
An extended version is available as 58441 wind in a jar.

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