58601 fata morgana ~

About the Tracks

Les angoisses. The sources for this collage are drawn from field recordings and found material, including rattling bamboo, a paternoster elevator, and a tense strain taken from an old movie.
A variant is also available as 58503 les angoisses.

An end to words. This composition uses field recordings of falling sleet and dry leaves skittering in the wind, and combines them with a limited set of orchestral samples.
Also available as 58558 an end to words.

Vanadzor. Named after the town in northern Armenia, this work uses field recordings from my journeys there, including the sounds of a groaning metal door and, at the end, a workshop full of carpet weavers, a traditional industry in the region.
A variant is also available as 58429 vanadzor.

Departure. A fairly thick atmosphere is built up by convoluting traffic sounds and closely-miked household objects, with additional found and field recordings folded in.
A variant is also available as 58579 departure.

Reverie nº4. Assembled mainly from found material, a rather insistent ostinato is gradually accumulated, and time-stretched crows become the roaring of wild beasts.
A variant is also available as 58511 reverie nº4.

Insection. Soundtrack for the eponymous film by Michal Kindernay. Starting with insect recordings made by the film’s author, a different musical tone was convoluted with various sections, each marking a stage in the development of the visuals as the film progresses.

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