58616 kutaisi (redux)


To take in an unfamiliar city on foot may serve as a cross-sectioning device, a tool for understanding the totality of a complexity by inspecting a single thread pulled from it. Or, at least, a beginning of understanding.

In our minimally-intentional dérive (“drift”), we touch upon random everyday activies in the course of their natural progress, bringing countless surprising encounters. We experience the changing ambiences of architecture, traffic sounds, atmospheric conditions, the size and pressure of crowds, the particularity of bends or forks in streets and the arrangements of their corners and squares, rays of light from the advancing sun at unexpected angles, and chance exchanges with the people around us.

In all honesty, I cannot claim that these images and sounds reflect my interest in the moment recorded to accomplish anything so considered as this — a certain amount of time must pass (in this case, a few years) before I can develop a clearer picture of the moments that have been captured.

Well, here they are, collected from 2015 to 2017 over a handful of visits to Kutaisi, one of Georgia’s main cities. I have included two related sound compositions, for good measure.

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