A charged absense.

55505 pareidolia is a live screening of sound works with video from the Nula project. It is a modular structure, like a playlist, where works can be selected and ordered to suit a given venue. The following filecasts have had video added to them so that they can be used as modules for a screening of 55505 pareidolia.

55033 forty
55166 edge case
55515 locomotive

More filecasts may be added to this list in the future as video becomes available.

Venues and dates.

Contact nula to schedule a nula presentation.

Live events
2011-01-27 [with David Možný] 19.30h at Školská 28 Gallery, Prague.
2010-11-15 [with Peter Cusack, DJ Pato] Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin.
2010-11-12 [with Erik Levander] Staalplaat Basement, Berlin.