Signifiers, Apotheosis, Tahrir Square in Cairo, and Italian journey
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How to Make Anything Signify Anything. “It captures a formative moment in a life spent looking for more than meets the eye, and it remained Friedman’s most cherished example of how, using the art and science of codes, it was possible to make anything signify anything.”

Pop-Up Apotheosis. “Not that the world stayed flat. It was discovered to be round, but even long before that, we were not content with surfaces. We thought “up, ” and up we built. But despite our cathedrals and towers and obelisks and all manner of priapic construction with rock and metal, no one thought in that way about paper until very recently.”

3arabawy. Follow the events as they unfold from the ground in Cairo from an Egyptian journalist. Frequent updates and photographs directly from the epicenter of these momentous happenings.

Particle Blog. Traces of a journey thru Italy in photographs and commentary.