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The schedule for Radio Boredcast has been posted. Radio Boredcast is the name of the radio section of AV Festival 2010: as slow as possible, which runs from 1-31 march.

Listen for contributions from the filecasts on days 5, 8, 11, 21, and 22 (as far as i can tell).

55874 consists of an elaborate construction of sound drawn from tracks of the optical sound, as well as ferrous, varieties: heavily treated sound from scratchy old movies, and a collector's recording of steam locomotives.

55875 partly consists of field recordings from spain from urban and seascape environments, and also includes sound ambiences drawn from the 1936 film 'by the bluest of seas'.

55878 sound from transportation including a day train in thailand, a night train in slovakia, and an automated carwash in the US midwest.

55881 ambiences built from sound fragments drawn from old movies.

55880 composition of found fragments drawn from file corruption, white noise, and aggressive equalization.

> Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March. Radio Boredcast is a 744-hour continuous online radio project, curated by artist Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) with AV Festival. In response to our ambiguous relationship ...