Osmosis: A Panoramic Sound Installation
Galerie Kostka at Meetfactory

An 8-channel version of the most recent ( ) work, 56390 a beacon, is included as part of the installation: Osmosis: A Panoramic sound installation for the space Galerie Kostka, part of the exhibition: 16-20, 000Hz at Galerie Meetfactory - mezinárodní centrum současného umění, Prague, from 20–25 April, 2013. Opening 19 April, 6 PM.

56390 a beacon. The stereo output files from three similar Supercollider sessions comprise six of the channels of this work. Using white, pink, and gray noise generators as source, various tones that recall singing are emphasized using a series of prime numbers, EQ and control rate sine waves. A brief stereo excerpt from Aleksandr Sokurov's film Povinnost comprises the other two channels of the eight-channel work.

Impetus: a quote from Povinnost, as follows. “My god,” thought the commander, peering into the heaving black chaos, “Where am i? Who am i?” He waited for the beacon’s beam to seep through the fog, still unable to work out why, the entire day of their departure, he had been dogged by anxiety.