Lloyd Dunn & Michal Kindernay: Multiversum
28. 4.—1. 5.

A text about the installation piece „Multiversum“, which Michal Kindernay and I are working on at Studio Alta for the vs.Insterpretation 2016 festival, is at the link.

Installation improvising with video projection, sound, space and time.

Video recordings of the wall joinings (corners and edges) of an arbitrarily chosen space are projected back onto the selfsame wall joinings. Because the recordings have been made, unavoidably, at a time before which they will be projected, the effect is to create two (or more) separate streams of time occupying the same space. Because of this, a contemplation of space and time is the unavoidable outcome of the work. To this configuration of technologies and sensibilities, we have added a number of simple video manipulations to emphasize the passing of time by means of the conventional referent of rhythm. Beyond that, the work is made to serve explicitly as a clock, an instrument that measures time, by accompanying it with a soundtrack that explicitly references international standards of timekeeping and geophysical science.