1. Silence, ended.

I am getting ready to release a collection of new works which have occupied my attention for the last six months, in the form of a series which will be called „moving, still.“ This is a bigger deal than my usual steady cadence of filecast releases, in that the final work will comprise close to four hours of new compositions, a series of nearly thirty titles.

I thought for a while that this might be my first filecast to come out in physical form; a box of CDs or cassettes perhaps, or a USB stick or SD card. In the end, I have decided firmly against this approach, opting instead to unveil it in the form of an online playlist.

I found out recently that the word „album“ in Latin means simply „list“, so this forthcoming release as a playlist fords the rupture between traditional ways of releasing collections of music as albums, and a newer, more flexible format of playlists for dealing with portfolios of recordings which are presented only as digital artefacts.

Watch this space.