2. Still „moving, still.“

To the upcoming collection „moving, still.“ I began by selecting some field recordings. The stochastic incidents of a street recording, or the echoic signature of an internal space, have here been understood in terms of some latent esthetic value, which has been developed out of them through the use of convolution and equalization. Each recorded incident, having left its trace in the source recording, serves to excite a chorus of pitches supplied by a second, explicitly musical, recording. The uncooked world sings itself in its own polyphonies. In a series of calculated effacements, commemorations of a series of displacements, I have been able to draw something else out of them.

Inexplicably, these works multiplied, almost of their own volition. I sometimes feel the urge to add yet another to the collection, but I draw back, seeking comfortable limits, shrinking from the abyss of infinitude.

I have set a date for this release: 25 May.

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