58601 fata morgana ~

A mirage is a thing at once true and false; the image of a thing not there, which nonetheless can be seen and even photographed. In this collection of works, you will hear various field recordings placed on backdrops or in landscapes instantiated through convolution, the unnatural echoes of one voice within the impossible chamber modelled by another. The groaning metal door of a machine shop, the nimble fingers of Armenian carpet weavers, a paternoster elevator, crows, bells, steam whistles, rattling pot lids, dry leaves and sleet falling are the voices. Where are they in these pieces? On what planet do they resound?

track notes

  1. les angoisses 7 m
  2. an end to words 9 m
  3. vanadzor 5 m
  4. departure 13 m
  5. reverie nº4 8 m
  6. insection (for a film by M. Kindernay) 3 m