Punctum - Krásovka · Prague
FRI, OCT 11, 2019

The project started in 2009 as a sort of open portfolio, serving as the online presence for a cohesive and expansive collection of digital artefacts, made available in series as they are created. It has evolved over time, and has taken on a somewhat diaristic character, each work in the portfolio presenting a certain encapsulated moment (or set of moments) in the ongoing life and experiences of its author.

Recognizing that digital media can be used to represent a full range of heretofore separate artistic media, the online presence of intends to fully explore the effects of combining words with images and time-based media. (In its most visionary posture), sets out to be simultaneously a new form of literature, one that incorporates audio and visual elements, and also exploits the particularities of the web, which can be considered a paginated medium that can simultaneously be understood as music, poetry, narrative or cinema (both intermittent and continuous at the same time).

At Punctum, the project author will present the project and offer a listening and screening session that will include live mixes of a selection of compositions from the filecasts, mostly in versions altered especially for the event. In addition, a selection of movies from the project will be screened. What to expect: an environment centered on the act of listening (and sometimes watching) and contemplation.