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59479 the limits of reason

The author Stanisław Lem is reported to have thought the various film adaptations of his book were off the mark; their failings for him amounted to turning a philosophical problem into a story focused on the erotic problems of the protagonist. In Lem’s mind, Solaris is about nothing less than the limits of reason.

This is a track from the upcoming album „a thinking ocean“.

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59460 intercession

Located in a meadow rimmed by a birch forest, at the edge of a placid pond which was once the place where the rivers Nerl and Klyazma joined (they have since changed course) stands the 12th-century Церковь Покрова на Нерли (Church of the Intercession on the Nerl), part of a UNESCO world heritage site. It was also the shooting location for the opening scenes of the film Andrei Rubľov (A. Tarkovsky, 1966).

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59447 verso

A richly carved portico, surmounted by a startling owl, frames an entryway leading inward. The tap of your shoes on the hard floor resonates, lending your footsteps a surprising importance. A series of electric bulbs, some burnt out or missing, throws your shadow in evolving patterns, fractured and scintillating, a dark glissando passing along the half-columns that line the walls.

mp3, 13 minutes

59407 cicadas

Cicadas may be all the rage this year due to the 17-year brood emerging in North America. However, this recording of an annual brood of cicadas (ჭრიჭინობელა) in Tbilisi also creates a dense sonic atmosphere from their treetop feeding zone, here recorded on a hot July afternoon in a forest at Lake Lisi (ლისის ტბა).

mp3, 9 minutes

59310 stochastic elegies ~

These tracks evolved in an exploration of SuperCollider and its apparently limitless possibilities, as filtered through my own modest ability to exploit them. Basic motifs where laid down using stochastic processes and granular synthesis in mincing through a variety of field recordings, whose subject matter was seen as arbitrary and thus an unimportant consideration. At a later stage, various tracks consisting of found materials were layered on to hint at some dramatic or emotional impulse, lest the results languor in an arid academic state. I don’t know whether or not that was entirely successful. A wise man once said: a work of art is never finished, it is merely abandoned. Requiescat.

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Revisions and addenda æther : mp3, 11 minutes almost forgotten : mp3, 11 minutes

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