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59310 stochastic elegies ~

These tracks evolved in an exploration of SuperCollider and its apparently limitless possibilities, as filtered through my own modest ability to exploit them. Basic motifs where laid down using stochastic processes and granular synthesis in mincing through a variety of field recordings, whose subject matter was seen as arbitrary and thus an unimportant consideration. At a later stage, various tracks consisting of found materials were layered on to hint at some dramatic or emotional impulse, lest the results languor in an arid academic state. I don’t know whether or not that was entirely successful. A wise man once said: a work of art is never finished, it is merely abandoned. Requiescat.

  1. a bitter abyss 6 m
  2. between us and understanding7 m
  3. again, my enigma 5 m
  4. analogy (an elegy)4 m
  5. a lion’s alliance 11 m
  6. sto propasti (a hundred chasms) 43 m

playlist, 6 tracks

59266 displacement

What world am I on? We have a sun that rises and sets; we have a moon, too. There is an absent glow; something torn down, trampled upon, and then put back up, gashed and sorry-looking. I see a diffracted vision of the present, its tides and indifferent coercions. I feel unreal in this world, as these and other doubts amass and accrue.

mp3, 9 minutes

59251 aruchavank

I have chosen the 7th-century Armenian cathedral of Aruchavank to represent the many churches in Armenia in which I made recordings. An earthquake, centuries ago, has left its sturdy walls standing beneath a gaping oculus where the now-missing tholobate and conical dome should be.

As we enter and look up, we find ourselves as if standing at the bottom of a well, lowly beings, our only consolation to peer upwards into a mysterious blue beyond, a wintry world peopled by a roaring wind and soaring birds.

Part of Central Asia PhoNographic Mornings, in the series „Each Morning of the World“.

mp3, 10 minutes

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