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This site is the online presence of the project, which consists of a ser­ies of file­casts, each an as­semb­lage of sounds, im­ages, or words, and made avail­ab­le for down­load, shar­ing, com­men­tary, and fur­ther man­i­pu­la­tion.

File­casts are gen­er­al­ly, though not ex­clus­ive­ly, cre­ated from found ma­ter­ial, assembled together with field recordings or other original source material. The ten­den­cy here will simp­ly be to let the works speak for themselves as much as possible. However, each individual filecast is accompanied by more or less de­tailed clues as to the sig­ni­fi­cance, con­text, or possible in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the works off­ered. These descriptions generally take brevity to be a primary virtue.

An abiding theme in all this is an affirmation of the primacy of context, subjectivity, and the essential collectivity of cultural creation. It posits that our response to the thing before us is itself a subject. Adding to the mystery is the fact that the word nula means zero in many languages.

Your messages are always welcome via email at In a limited and selective way, also makes use of a variety of social media services, which you will find listed in the “func­tions” menu.



An editor “…is not a real person or persons, but a function, or persona.”

Irina Paperno


The supple hands of the ghost fiddler fluttered like little hummingbirds over the glasses’ halos, seeking the sweet essence of the music, and the fairie-like ring of it was a sheer delight. The tourists were recording the performance on mobile phones, paying homage to the performer by tossing coins into a pot laid before him. …


55005 on air 55010 long ago far away 55017 rather sad 55032 ekh dorogi 55033 forty 55034 forty 55040 into darkness 55049 underground 55060 night train 55077 cascade 55083 in three 55095 abylai 55100 vyšná boca 55114 someplace else 55132 day train 55147 twelve o’clock 55150 náměstí míru 55166 edge case 55167 edge case 55207 for strings 55250 nishnabotna landscapes 55256 movements 55270 suddenly 55326 pearl of asia 55354 odessa steps 55381 north 55396 remember 55430 andijon 55473 choral scratch 55505 pareidolia 55515 locomotive 55516 locomotive 55579 running as rain 55612 on a wire 55620 on target 55644 snow 55668 drift 55699 passing wave 55710 three fragments 55719 hungry 55730 addendum 55749 recognition 55763 rumble ping 55791 crossing 55792 crossing 55821 light on water 55843 lugubrious 55849 seven times 55886 notes from laos 55892 soprianoforte 55905 dresden station 55928 horloge 55952 transported 55969 deleted scene 55986 bissextile 56000 ostinato 56020 pendulum 56040 vacuum 56066 interlude 56072 falling light 56088 morocco 56108 machine age 56195 budapest keleti 56200 the other side 56211 fundament 56228 black sea 56232 distant land 56275 dividing line 56294 blesk a hrom 56306 impulse 56307 impulse 56333 observance 56341 aerograd 56356 inner circle 56369 shymkent-almaty 56377 east wind 56390 a beacon 56414 colossus of air 56428 density 56440 chufut-kale 56452 the millions 56480 like clockwork 56485 one minute 56499 nine minutes 56522 late twentieth 56530 concrete music 56550 maramureş 56565 lost identity 56606 sound lens 56630 a crimea in impressions 56633 put out the light 56651 evening falls in holešovice 56654 khersones 56658 beginning 56686 winter bridge 56690 world of stone 56700 in the twilight 56708 solaris 56733 almost forgotten 56757 freight train 56760 isle of calm 56770 sa pobla 56789 consequently 56809 forecast 56823 forest light 56831 ocean of steel 56851 down deep 56859 solar cycle 56880 æther 56911 play of light 56912 bird calls 56914 variations 56939 father of apples 56946 islands 56953 excursus 56968 a warning 56975 fragments of a journey 56999 under the ice 57001 ghost fiddler sortable list …